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Neotat Vivace maskine i orange 3.5mm Stroke

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Killer Ink are thrilled to bring you the highly sought after Neotat Vivace Tattoo Machine Range.

The all-new NeoTat Vivace weighs in at an impressive 4 oz. (approx.115g), and features a removable, interchangeable motor cartridge to allow for quick and easy adjustments to the machine's stroke length. NeoTat Tattoo Machines are consistent, smooth running machines that have a unique mechanism that produces a perfectly straight linear motion.

This is the Neotat Vivace Tattoo Machine in Orange with a 3.5mm Stroke, ideal for those who like a long running machine; it's powerful and perfect for shading. Neotat Vivace Machinesare also available in Standard 2.5mm, and X-Long 4.2mm Stoke.

  • Standard Stroke is 2.5mm Stroke. This machine is a good all-round tool for doing both lining and shading
  • X-Long Stroke is 4.2mm. This machine is a great worker for packing solid color.

Each machine weighs only 4 oz. (approx. 115g); the lightweight, ergonomic design and low level of vibration help to cut down on the fatigue typically experienced with long tattoo sessions.

Easy to disassemble and clean, NeoTat machines allow you to spend less time on your machines, and more time tattooing. Maintenance is minimal - oiling is required after every 200 hours of use and each machine comes with a guide clip as standard, which holds the needle bar in place, thus eliminating the need for rubber bands for this purpose.

Key Features:

  • Quiet operation
  • Low Vibration Efficient - low power consumption
  • Give Clips; eliminates the need for rubber bands
  • Autoclavable machine body
  • Ergonomic & well-balanced
  • Compatability: All Standard Needles, Tubes and most Power Supplies.
  • Low maintenance

Technical Data:

  • Weighs only 4 oz. / 115g
  • Billet machined from 6061 alloy aluminum
  • 3 Different Stroke Sizes available; 2.5, 3.5mm and 4.2mm
  • Connectivity: Clip Cord

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